Third Quarter Newsletter 2022

Is Your Lawn or Community Not As Beautiful As It Should Be?

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Dear residents,

TruScapes Industries, Inc. wishes you a very warm welcome to our third quarter news article. Summer is here along with high humidity levels, hot temperatures and lots of rain. Our team continues to push forward in keeping your community looking it’s best during this very busy and active growing season.

This quarter (July – September) residents will continue to notice the weekly mowing events taking place throughout the St. Augustine and Bahia turf areas around the neighborhood. The service techs will continue the frequent bed edging of your ornamental beds and suppressing the flower bed weeds via mechanical means and herbicide applications monthly.

By now, the flowering plants our team cut back during the second quarter of the year have come back with a vengeance, pushing allot of green growth and many flowers for everyone to enjoy the colorful display and pleasant fragrance they have to offer. As our trimming crews make their rounds throughout the community, we will be doing light pruning on some shrubs and a bit more aggressive on those fast growing plants that attempt to take over most of the landscape. This will help us keep most ornamental plants under control and in doing so there will be some loss of blooms. It will only be temporary and within two to three weeks the shrubs will be full of flowers again but not looking as wild which is what we are trying to achieve.

The irrigation technicians will be preforming the usual monthly inspections of the watering system and cleaning the VU flow filters where it applies. They will also make adjustments to the seasonal settings on the timer as we move deeper into the rainy season. For most, there will be a noticeable difference in the shorter irrigation run cycles and weeks of skipped irrigation cycles depending on the amount of precipitation experienced. We want to be mindful that too much water can be as bad as not enough water as this contributes to many aquatic lawn weeds and can lead to fungus down the road in the following months.

In preparation for the potential of aquatic lawn weeds and peak of the fungus activity, our pest control and fertilization department will be doing monthly inspections of the lawns and shrubs throughout the community. They will keep their eyes wide open looking for chewing insects, fungus, turf weeds etc. These spray techs are trained to identify areas of concern or activity and spot treat as needed.

For the residents that like to get their hands dirty working in their seasonal flower beds you may wish to look into planting Coleus (lots of color selection), Penta’s and Caladiums as these flowers can tolerate the wet and hot weather.

We wish everyone in the community a safe summer full of fun activities while our team handle the needs of your landscape.

Llomell Llorca
President & CEO
TruScapes Industries, Inc.

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