Second Quarter Newsletter 2022

Is Your Lawn or Community Not As Beautiful As It Should Be?

Let us help!

Dear residents,

Spring is here once again and the TruScapes team is taking services to the next level. As we commence what marks the start of our growing season in our industry our team starts preparation and services to encompass for the more active outdoors when it comes to horticulture care.
During the next quarter (April-June) you will notice weekly mowing, this will help control the fast- growing pace of the St. Augustine, Zoysia and Bahia turf areas throughout the community. Our crews will be edging the ornamental beds more often, a larger than normal ornamental weed crew will be in place starting in April to help us keep the weeds in the ornamental beds under control with the assistance of pre and post emergent herbicides.

As standard practice recommended by the University of Florida, Spring is the ideal time to do cutbacks / rejuvenation pruning on certain flowering shrubs such as Hibiscus, Jatropha’s, Fire bush etc. This is done for many benefits like; removes infected or dead wood within the plant from the prior growing season, disease control and it promotes a much fuller and denser bush with likely more blooms for all of us to enjoy. Among the rejuvenation pruning our trimming crew will remove brown or yellow palm fronds, touch up and lift Oak tree canopies and shape other ornamental bushes and grasses throughout the landscape.

Our irrigation crews will continue preforming their monthly irrigation inspections. The second quarter of the year is typically when we see hot spots or dry spots in the lawn, this is attributed to the warmer temperatures and the absence of rain, so it is crucial that we keep our team focused in keeping the proper moisture level. Keeping the proper moisture in the soils will be key entering the third quarter later this year when lawn insects like to attack the areas that were weaken or drought stressed.

In preparation for this, our lawn and ornamental pest control department will be making a preventative application of insecticide during the month of May. Making such application will prevent us from having an insect outbreak that can potentially harm a lot of our vegetation. During this second quarter, our fertilization department will make one last fertilization application for the turf and for the shrubs before we hit the “black out period” where we as commercial applicators are limited as to what fertilizers we can apply and when as directed by local county authorities in helping preserve our natural environment around us.

We wish all the residents a joyful spring season with all of the scents blooming shrubs and trees have to offer during this time of the year as we work hard on gardens and turf areas.
Finally, for the residents that like to add some splash of color to their gardens and seek suggestions on what annuals to install this time of the year, our team recommends Pentas, Dragon Leaf Begonias and Vincas, these come in many different colors and will tolerate the weather spring and early summer has to offer.

Llomell Llorca
President & CEO
TruScapes Industries, Inc.