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Insect Pest Management on Turfgrass

Turfgrass is grown in many environments and for different uses, including home lawns, parks, athletic fields, cemeteries, golf courses, sod farms, pastures, and right-of-ways. The...

The Walkway On A Florida Home

Preparing To Plant a Florida Lawn

Proper soil preparation prior to grass planting is critical to ensure the establishment of a quality turf. Preparation is crucial in determining how quickly the...

Green Grass Covering A Florida Home’s Front Yard

Bermudagrass for Florida Lawns

Bermudagrasses (Cynodon spp.) are among the most widely used warm-season grasses. Improved, fine-textured bermudagrasses are used throughout the south on golf courses, athletic fields, and in...

Insecticide Job and Fertilizer Equipment

Understanding Fertilizer

The Basics of Fertilizer Plants and grasses need nutrients to grow and typically get them from the soil. But sometimes we apply fertilizer to help...

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